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  • BHS I Miss You!

    on Aug 14 2015
    BHS I Miss You! I was a bad kid. I was always on the lookout for something new, something strange, something different, and most importantly, something exciting. I kept busting out of the jail cell that was my home and wreaking havoc at night in my... Read More
  • 2014 OSA 23rd International Convention

    on Aug 11 2015
    The OSA 23rd International Convention – 1-3 August 2014   The annual OSA convention held its 23rd gathering last year from August 1 – August 3, 2014. The extensive three day programme was tailored to meet the interests of all OS... Read More
  • Brummana One Group

    on Aug 10 2015
    Brummana One Group Why scouting? A simple question that every scout is faced with at one point in time and to which there isn’t always a clear answer. Answers may vary from I don’t know to I like it to just plain Why not? We, Brummana... Read More
  • Family of Four Doctors

    on Mar 03 2015
    Dr. George Zalzal graduated with honours from Brummana High School in 1971. He is the eldest of his two brothers Dr. Nabih '76 (AUB '83 M.D.), and Dr. Rabih '80 (AUB '87) who resides in America, and who is on the American Board Certified Internal... Read More
  • BHS Legend: Saad Saad

    on Feb 16 2015
    • An Old Scholar, Class of 1964. • He started working at BHS as a Laboratory Assistant right after graduation. • From 1965 to 1977, he was the school’s Librarian, in addition to being a Duty Master and Study Supervis... Read More
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