BHS Legend: Saad Saad
on Feb 16 2015
• An Old Scholar, Class of 1964.
• He started working at BHS as a Laboratory Assistant right after graduation.
• From 1965 to 1977, he was the school’s Librarian, in addition to being a Duty Master and Study Supervisor.
• He was a Substitute Teacher and a Special Arabic Teacher between 1980 and 1987.
• Later, from 1987 until 2001, he became the High School Supervisor.
• From 2001 until his retirement date, he was a Bus Coordinator in charge of students’ transport.
• He is married to Waad Saber, who is also a former BHS Teacher.
• Mr. Saad is a true emblem of Brummana High School. He was a serious, hardworking and highly respected member of the Brummana High School community and is remembered fondly by his colleagues and by the many generations of students who attended the school during his time.

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