OSA 23rd International Convention
on Aug 11 2015

The OSA 23rd International Convention – 1-3 August 2014


The annual OSA convention held its 23rd gathering last year from August 1 – August 3, 2014. The extensive three day programme was tailored to meet the interests of all OS generations, old and young.

With his first year as OSA President, Mr. Nazih Khattar ’66 and the elected Board members maintained the traditional activities held in previous international conventions.

Day 1 was remarkably successful. Mounir Restaurant in Brummana was fully booked with many generations of old scholars.  Some, who hadn’t seen their classmates in years, gathered around the same tables, dined, chatted, took pictures, reminisced on their BHS days, and had a memorable evening.


The General Assembly was held on day 2 with the traditional “saj man2ousheh” breakfast, followed by presentations from President Nazih Khattar ’66, Treasurer Emily Kanaan Salem ’82, and Dr. Mahmoud Barbir ’69, the Keynote Speaker. The assembly also included a presentation of special awards given to Mrs Nuhad Misk ’53 (OSA Executive Secretary), Mr Robert Goraieb ’63 (OSA Events Committee Member), along with Dr Barbir. The day ended with a lively street party with live shows, stage performances, fireworks and a wonderful blend of OSA members, families and friends.


Day 3 was marked by OSA Little House winning the house cup after a long competitive day of football matches between the three houses (Little, Rizkallah, and Waldmeier). The younger generations teamed up with the older generations to compete against their rivals. President Nazih Khattar awarded the cup and distributed gold, silver and bronze medals to Little, Rizkallah and Waldmeier respectively. The matches were followed by a BBQ from Kabab-ji.

It was lovely seeing you all, and OSA “won’t let you forget,” until we meet again.


Mona Karam ’00
OSA Community Manager

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