Brummana One Group
on Aug 10 2015

Brummana One Group

Why scouting? A simple question that every scout is faced with at one point in time and to which there isn’t always a clear answer. Answers may vary from I don’t know to I like it to just plain Why not? We, Brummana One Group, pride ourselves on being one of the most active scouting groups in the Lebanese Scout Association.

So who are we exactly? The first thing we can tell you is that we are a family — a rather large one in fact. Our members’ ages range between 7 and 18 years old, and we are led by a small group of young men and women who regularly volunteer their time to help contribute to each and every member’s life. The members of our current leadership team are: Roy Younes (Group Leader), Jane Abi Farah (Assistant Group Leader), Dana Atallah (Administrative Leader), Christina Salhab (Assistant Administrative Leader), Julie-Ann Abi Farah (Cub Scout Leader), Riwa Azar (Assistant Cub Scout Leader), Rana Zeinoun (Assistant Guides Leader) and Elia Abou Jaoude (Assistant Scouts Leader).

Our members are divided into troops according to their age group. Ages 7 to 11 are Cub Scouts; ages 11 to 16 are Scouts or Guides; and ages 16 and older are Ventures. Each troop has its own set of activities, specifically designed for their respective category. Scouting, to us, is not just preparing meetings from 3pm to 5pm every Saturday. We live as scouts day in and day out; Once a Scout, Always a Scout. Our programmes do not only entertain our members; they help them grow physically, emotionally, socially, culturally, intellectually, and spiritually. Their personal development is our priority. We like to push them and ourselves forward, continuously striving to reach our greatest potential.

We are not a closed community as we are expanding every day. We are active members in the Brummana High School community; we participate in the May Festival along with the Parents Association Committee on an annual basis. In the past year we worked hard to build closer ties with the Lebanese Scout Association, Mount District, and with the groups belonging to it, in addition to the Brummana High School Old Scholars Association, and Brummana Municipality. Our group’s parents and scout veterans are constantly supporting us in all our adventures, small and large.

So why scouting you say? Because we are leaders, adventurers, humanitarians and innovators. We have walked, run, hiked, biked and camped our way from the lowest hills to the highest peaks of Lebanon. We want to explore the world and maybe one day, change it. As Steve Jobs once said, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”


Chief Roy Younes ’10
Group Leader

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